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Housing loan


Buying the first home is an important decision in the life of each of us. Funding purchases are long-term, and that is why it is necessary to make a well-informed choice when deciding.


When you think about buying a dream home, are you likely to find that the whole process of choosing a suitable mortgage, preparing documents and checking the property is rather discouraging?


We will be there to find the right conditions, we will make the appropriate checks and we will assist you all the way to the end of the transaction.


Our experts will consult you in detail to select the optimal financing option for you. We will offer you a solution tailored to your capabilities, desires and requirements.


We will analyze the entire market and find the proposal that suits you best. We compare credits based on a total cost of payment not only at the basic interest rate.


We will take the time to understand your circumstances and plans for the future and to explain the pros and cons of various mortgage options and how they could affect you. We will not forget about you. If you decide, we can provide you with a regular mortgage review to make sure you are still getting the best possible conditions.