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Mortgage credit or non-target credit can be used for different needs other than for buying a property. Many of us are looking for better conditions for their current credit or would like to exempt some of the monthly payments they make on loans, but the process is often not as easy as it seems.

We will work with you to verify the terms of your current credit. Our specialists will check and analyze the terms and opportunities for re-negotiating your current credit. Then you can decide whether it is worth going to refinancing or not.


Mortgage credit can be used to provide funds for:

-current needs-purchase of new furniture, personal needs and more.

- to merge current liabilities / to refinance other loans


Regardless of the purpose of the loan, we can help you by making a preliminary study of the possibilities of getting the credit that is most suitable for you.

Our specialists are at your disposal and will assist you in realizing your dreams.